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EVIMalaR is a project funded by the European Commission, consisting of 62 partners across 51 Institutes in Europe, Africa, India and Australia, and coordinated at the University of Glasgow. The project aims to facilitate research between these scientists to understand and ultimately eradicate Malaria.

As part of the EVIMalaR outreach programme, we endeavour to engage the interest of the next generation of potential malaria researchers for the future. The EVIMalaR 'Intelligent' comic explores the ongoing battle with the parasite that causes malaria, going inside the labs and the clinics where scientists are working to put an end to the misery that malaria causes.

To assist with our outreach, EVIMalaR has a specially designated outreach team in place. This team consists of PI's, Post Docs and PhD students from across Europe, Africa and America, providing a wide range of support. Their involvement to date has been to create the resources section of the website, together with disseminating the comic and giving talks in schools. In 2012, EVIMalaR comics and t-shirts were sent to our partners in Africa and are used by PI Kemi Amodu at Kilifi-KEMRI when giving talks to mothers with young children. These talks teach mothers how to identify the signs of malaria, focusing on preventative measures such as bed nets, covering water supplies and using sprays and coils.

EVIMalaR and the outreach team continue to undertake outreach activities on a regular basis. We always welcome new thoughts and ideas, and would be delighted to hear from you if you wish to contribute.

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The Creative Team

Comic written and created by Jamie Hall and Edward Ross

Cover designed by Luke Pearson

Comic colouring by Tom Humberstone

This comic is funded by the european commission fp7 network of excellence programme...

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